Welcome to my small corner of the internet! I'm Michele Light, and I have been drawing anthropomorphic (or "furry") artwork since 1992. You can usually find me at the larger conventions, and I try to attend some of the smaller ones as well when time permits. I have a very busy 9-5 job, so I can't travel as much as I would like. Check my Conventions page to see if I'll be in your area this year!

This site features all of my currently available furry-themed artwork available for purchase. There is a wide selection of Prints, the more portable laminated Backpack Tags which feature sold out images no longer available as prints, Clothing for those of you who like artwork you can wear and a changing selection of other available items.

If you see something (or somethings) that you have to have, please visit the How to Order page for more information about our shipping and payment options.

e-mail: orders@michelelight.com

March 13, 2014:

The Doggie Paddle resin figure is now sold out, so many thanks to everyone who purchased one. The Prints and Clothing pages are updated after the spring convention season, and there are still a few Sale prints left if you hurry! ^_^

It also looks like I'll be adding Califur to my convention schedule this year, so please stop by and say "Hi" if you'll be in the Southern California area at the end of May.

We will be offline for a few days as we have the flooring in our home/office replaced, so any e-mail or orders sent during that time will be answered once we're back together and online again.

December 6, 2013:

Since the winter weather is here (Brr! ice storms in my area), it must be time for the next Year In Fur!

Twelve full color images, including two brand new ones made for this calendar, for a mere $25!
Now, onward towards 2014 and Further Confusion!

November 25, 2013:

If you haven't had an opportunity to see me at a convention lately, here's your chance!

Join me and a host of other artists online for HomeCon! This four day weekend free-for-all is the opportunity for you to see and hear all the schenanigans we get up to at a regular convention from the comfort of your computer room. It's a lot of fun, and I'll be joining in.

If you'd like to request some artwork, you can find some examples of what I'm offering, and a link to the request form, in this FA journal entry.

November 9, 2013:

I've been getting more requests for convention badges than time to do them at conventions, so I've opened up a few slots for anyone. Please see this FA submission for details, examples, and to reserve your slot. 8)

I've updated the Clothing page after the fall convention season. La Brea is just about gone, I've only got two 2XL shirts left.

Now, on to winter, and prep for Further Confusion in January. The Circle of Conventions continues! ^_^

June 8, 2013:

Just returned from Califur, and getting ramped up to head to Anthrocon over July 4th weekend. Yikes, so little time!

Between Furry Fiesta and Califur, I sold out of quite a few of the Endangered Backpack Tag designs, so I've updated that page to reflect current supplies. Many of the remaining designs are down to the last one or two tags, so hurry if you want one marked in red!

I've also updated the Clothing and Print pages to reflect new items, as well as sold out sizes and designs. La Brea is about gone, although I found a few XL sized shirts that were misplaced, so you have one more chance at those.

Also debuting is the sequel to my most requested t-shirt:

Twice as nice, and twice as strong, as the original Skunk Beer. Available in adult small through 3XL in a limited run batch!

March 25, 2013:

Since so many folks can't make it to convention art shows, I'm offering some of my original artwork over on Furbuy this week!

Up for auction this week are the originals for Help A Girl Out? and Unchained (contains nudity, so click carefully!). Bidding ends on Sunday March 31st.

Good luck if you're bidding!

Also, our good friends over at Radio Comix are in a tax bind, and are having to ask for help. If you are a fan of paper comics, the incentives they are giving are a fantastic deal.
Check out their IndieGogo fundraising page for all the details. With a single comic book running $6 to $15, the $100 Lifetime Subscription seems like a no-brainer. They've been publishing since 1997! 8)