Welcome to my small corner of the internet! I'm Michele Light, and I have been drawing anthropomorphic (or "furry") artwork since 1992. You can usually find me at the larger conventions, and I try to attend some of the smaller ones as well when time permits.

This site features all of my currently available furry-themed artwork available for purchase. There is a wide selection of Prints, the more portable laminated Backpack Tags which feature sold out images no longer available as prints, Clothing for those of you who like artwork you can wear and a changing selection of other available items.

If you see something (or somethings) that you have to have, please visit the How to Order page for more information about our shipping and payment options.

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November 15, 2015

Ugh, time flies! Been quite a busy few months, in summary:
Up and running in real estate now, slowly realizing true size of DFW Metroplex area.
Eric moved to evening shift at work.
Above has caused massive delay in responding to orders e-mails, but we are receiving them.
Doing some stream and in person sketching with some Pirate's members to keep in "shape."
Planning for next year convention wise.

Our lucky 13th wedding anniversary is next Sunday, and my crazy husband had the idea to visit both US Disney parks in one weekend. (Originally IN ONE DAY but I put the brakes on that idea.) Our first date was at Disneyland and I adore the Haunted Mansion, so next weekend we'll be travelling Ghost to Ghost!

May 21, 2015

Wow, what a ride 2015 has been so far! Where to start?

We had a great time at Further Confusion in January, it's always great to go back to San Jose. We even wrangled a trip up to my cousin's house after the convention to ogle his Disneyana collection.

February saw the gang of Pirate's Row congregating at our house again for our hometown convention, Furry Fiesta. No wild luggage adventures this year thankfully. ^_^

In March, I finally decided it was time to move on from my corporate position of 22 years at Verizon. While many might feel it crazy to walk away from a good paying art and design job (especially in the current market), the changing corporate world and the pressures that change created were finally too much. We knew this was a possibility months and months ago, so we were prepared to make the move as painless as possible. I am relieved to be done with the pressure of the corporate world, and hopefully I can concentrate on art projects I'll actually enjoy for a change.

April and May was spent taking training courses in preparation to get my real estate license. My mom has been an agent for about 30 years, so we're going to work together so I can get trained by a seasoned pro before she decides to retire. I'm waiting for my final test appointment right now, so soon I can sell you a house too! ;)

So, all in all a busy and eventful year, but it's a good sort of stress for a change. Next up on my plate is Califur , which is the first weekend in June in Irvine, California. Please stop by and say "Hi!" if you'll be in the sunny OC.

December 13, 2014:

Thanks to everyone for being so generous, both t-shirt designs have been funded via Kickstarter. Yay! 8)

This is the final weekend you can pledge to guarantee that you get the shirts you want in the sizes you want. This is especially good if you wear a Small or 3XL, they always sell out first.
Visit my Kickstarter campaign page to guarantee your shirt!

December 7, 2014:

The Year In Fur 2015 is now available! Twelve months of lovely ladies in full color for a mere $25.

December 3, 2014:

I'm aiming to have a new shirt (or two) ready for Further Confusion, but funds are a bit tight, so I launched a Kickstarter campaign!

I'm also thinking about starting a line of acrylic charms, so as an incentive I created a super cute matching charm to go with the shirt.
You can find out more (including the stretch goal!), and lend your support on my Kickstarter campaign page!

September 13, 2014:

I am back and settled in again after the two week trip we took to Europe to take in Eurofurence, among other things. 8)

The Prints and Clothing sections have been updated to reflect what I have left in stock. Most of my sale prints and the last Save A Horse shirt stayed behind in Berlin, so things are looking a little scarce in those sections. ^_^

Now I'm moving on to my favorite holiday of the year: Halloween! Check out my FurAffinity page for some WIP photos of my newest creations.